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Mikuni HSR42/45/48 Carburetor Kits

STD recommends Mikuni HSR carburetors as the starting point for any high performance application. A better flowing carburetor and air box, plus a low restriction exhaust system are a prerequisite for use with an STD or any aftermarket performance head assembly. Used just by itself a Mikuni HSR42 Carb Kit on an otherwise stock engine will provide a 10% increase in power and torque. Used with and aftermarket exhaust system and air cleaner assembly the HSR42 provides a 25% increase in power and torque on an otherwise stock Twin Cam 88 engine. All STD Complete Engine Assemblies feature a Mikuni HSR Carburetor.

  • Installs easy and quick using stock Harley throttle cables.
  • Allows a stock or modified engine to reach its power potential.
  • Accelerator pump provides instant engine response, improved rider throttle control.
  • Accelerate and pass with ease.
  • Good gas mileage, years of dependable service.
  • Installation instructions and all hardware included.