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STD has established a reputation for the highest quality performance components in the American V-twin market.

STD was founded by owner Lou Trachtenberg in 1975. A specialist in race car engine building who also had a passion for Harleys, Lou saw the need in the Harley market for much stronger replacement Harley cases for use in high performance applications. His new company was started by designing, building and offering the first ever complete set of replacement cases for Harley-Davidsons. His first application was an Alternator Style Engine Case for 1970 and later models, followed by 1941-1969 Generator style cases, then 4-Speed Transmission cases and Alternator / Generator Engine cases.

In 1989 STD expanded it's product line into performance cylinder heads, first with a Performance Head for Pan / Shovel Head style engines. The next year STD introduced their Performance Heads for Evo style engines, then in 1991 our High Performance Heads for Shovelhead style engines. STD Heads are the top rated performance heads on the market, offering a 20-50% power increase compared to stock heads. 1998, STD began offering Inner Primary covers for both Dyna, FXR and Softail as well as a complete High Performance Case Assembly for Sportster / Buells.

All STD products are cast from the highest quality aerospace alloy, grade "A" Prime 355 T6 which is more expensive, but the best available and 30% stronger than our competitor's standard grade 355 T6 cases. STD offers the highest rated tensile strengths for unsurpassed strength and reliability when it comes to Harley replacement heads and cases.

The crowning achievement to the STD product line came in 1999 with the premier of STD's own High Performance Engines and Complete Drivetrain Assemblies. They were available in different states of tune, displacemement, and bore/stroke ratios to meet each customer's specific requirements for performance and rideability on the track or street. STD offered the individual bike builder or custom biker manufacturer the world's finest tested and proven high performance Big Twin engine assembly, designed specially for their application and price range, ready to bolt in and run.

In Memorium Lou Trachtenberg Founder, STD Development

Nov. 18, 2002: Lou Trachtenberg, 52, owner and founder of STD Development in Chatsworth, CA, passed away after uexpectedly being hospitalized with what proved to be a tramatic virus infection, brought on by his lowered immune system. Lou, a diabetic, had suffered complete kidney failure 3 years earlier, which was corrected at that time by a grateful kidney transplant donation from a company employee. But the ongoing organ anti-rejection medication required to be taken after an organ transplant makes the recipient more likely to catch an infection, as what unfortunately happened.

Lou took pride in building what are renowned to be the strongest, highest quality, best performing products for the American V-Twin market. An honest, no bull kind of guy with a great sense of humor, Lou was loved and respected by everyone who knew him.—God Speed Lou.

Please send a donation in Lou's honor to either the American Diabetes Assn at 1-800-DIABETES, or the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California at 1-800-747-5527.